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The app might be dead but the technology lives on. Apple are awarded two patents for parts of Shake.


Rick Young from MacVideo has put together all of his tips and tricks into one book called "Rick's Tips, Inside the Mind of an Editor." It is available in print or electronically for your iPad/iPhone/iPod.

If you haven't got your hands on one yet, then take a look at this iPad demo video from Apple. Could some of the features shown here in iMovie find their way into the new Final Cut Pro?


How many different screen layouts do you use? One? Two? Walter Biscardi has a selection to choose from depending on what he is doing.

We wish we hadn't seen this video. It gives us another reason to want to rush out and buy a new 2.2 GHz Intel Core i7 MacBook Pro, if Thunderbolt wasn't enough!  We will post the rendering speed results after the break, but I urge you to watch one of the most elegant bench tests going.


Digital Heaven have updated their utility that allows you to print out bins from Final Cut Pro. Very handy to give a hard copy to your director so he or she doesn't keep leaning over, grabbing the mouse off you and shouting "Let me find the clip!" Version 2.0 Beta is now available for download.


We feel pretty bad about this one as we missed it in the crazy build up to our website's launch. Tim Dashwood of Dashwood Cinema Solutions is not only announcing an upgrade to Stereo3D Toolbox, but he is also unveiling brand new products at NAB 2011 - One of them being Stereo3D Cat.


The 1st of March and we have now officially launched. Slightly ahead of schedule, but it seems like the right time due to the huge traffic we've already had because of last week's big Apple news about Thunderbolt and FCP8.

It's clearly going to be an exciting time. 


To say that the 5D is getting red carpet treatment in Hollywood might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it was being used at the Oscars build up. Not quite sure about using it for a piece to camera, but thanks to CampusMovieFest for tweeting this picture.

But the big story for the FCP community was The Social Network getting an Oscar for Best Editing. More after the break.


As much as we love our Canon 5D, you would not want to shoot a documentary on the history of lace with it. Why? The dreaded moiré striping effects you can see above on the left hand side example. However you might have a couple of plugins installed already that will fix the problem.


It has been a few crazy days of Apple news and we've loved every leak, tweet and article that we have come across. However it is only now that we are coming to realise how massive the new announcements really are. Prepare for a shock...

A great video of Thunderbolt in action to finish off an interesting day. Apologies if the video above takes time to load, but hey that's Flash:)


Wow! Two great bits of FCP news in two days. The new MacBook Pros that have been released today feature 'Thunderbolt' Apples branding of Light Peak technology from Intel.