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woowave fcpx premiere

It's a morning of battles! New to the FCP ecosystem is the $49 multicam syncing software WooWave SyncPro that claims it's a lot more accurate than Singular Software's PluralEyes.

lightworks linux

A few people scoffed when we suggested that Lightworks would become a player again in the very competitive NLE market. Think again, 360,000 downloads on and a move onto Linux is real.

thunderbolt IBC

There is Thunderbolt everywhere at IBC 2012 and we thought we would look at the storage vendors that are relevant to the Final Cut Pro market and catch up on new models, new capacities, new speeds and even a skydiver dropping a unit mid dive too.


We met up with Bryce Button from AJA Video Systems who ran us through the new products and software updates at IBC. The T-Tap Thunderbolt to HMDI & SDI ships too.

blackmagic ibc 2012

We don't know why we thought Blackmagic Design would be slightly quieter at IBC this year after a massive NAB that caused their webserver to creak on the opening day. We were wrong, new products for 4K capture and a micro four thirds option on the Cinema Camera just as the original model starts being delivered to customers!

imex suite mxf quicktime

Well almost every app as we're sure there will be some exceptions. Never the less, Hamburg Pro Media's new MXF ImEx Suite might be the answer if you have multiple QuickTime based applications that need to work with MXF media.

axle asset management cloud

We have tried quite a few asset management systems here at FCP.co and they all have one thing in common, they are complicated. Axle Video may have the answer to individuals and companies who want a simple way to share assets.

digital heaven pro player

The demise of QuickTime Player 7 left an opportunity for a company like Digital Heaven to jump in and publish a professional movie playing app. New today is Pro Player and it's been discounted from $29.99 to $19.99 for one week only.

DaVinci resolve 9 demo

The big news from Tuesday was the announcement from BlackMagic Design that DaVinci Resolve 9 was in public beta. Straight out of the blocks (another token Olympics reference) is Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central to demo the new features.

apple mountain lion osx

In its earnings press release from yesterday (24th) Apple announced that Mountain Lion would be up on the App store today. So no big shock that the $19.99 update to the latest cat is now loose. Who can upgrade?

Blackmagic design cintel

Today BlackMagic Design announced it has acquired Cintel, famous for its range of film and television scanning and restoration tools. The company was started by no less than television pioneer John Logie Baird!

art of color correction resolve

We love demos of software where you get so see how real work was done on real jobs. In this two hour long demo we get exactly that from colorist Rob Bessette using DaVinci Resolve.

singular red giant

We didn't see this one coming. It was announced today (9th July) that Red Giant has acquired all of the products and the intellectual property of Singular Software.