✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

The big mystery of the weekend - Who killed off Get? An award winning product for Final Cut Pro, great reviews and now unavailable to buy: what happened?


Nice to see somebody showing off what Final Cut Pro X CAN do instead of slamming it all the time. In these four videos from the recent LAFCPUG meeting, Steve Kanter runs through the positives.


Red Giant have posted a workaround for known issues with Final Cut Pro 7, Magic Bullet & Colorista when running OSX 10.7 Lion.


Peachpit produce some of the best training books for software on the market, we've got a few of them on the shelves here on the FCP.co campus. They also produce the official books used for FCP certification.


The three wise men of Final Cut Pro X answer questions at the recent LAFCPUG meeting. Filmed a few days after FCPX's release, they tackle some of the big questions about our new editing software.


You might have noticed that we have been building a list of free FCPX & Motion effects for download over on our forum. Let's take the thought further though...


If you've looked at the Final Cut Pro X section of the Apple website today, you might have seen four new videos added. Apple have come out of their corner fighting.


Noise Industries were the only plugin company to have products that worked with FCPX on the day it was released. The new version of FxFactory is ready for that Lion OS X 10.7 and Final Cut Pro X combination. Tutorials after the break.


What do you do when you've just downloaded a new app? Doesn't everybody open the package contents and have a look at the internal frameworks and resources? Alex Gollner kindly put together this summary of his detective work for FCP.co.


So you've shot your footage on a Canon 5D using the CineStyle picture profile from Technicolor, now you want to edit in FCPX. Do you need a plugin?


When we saw that building effects using rigging in Motion was possible, we didn't think it would be long before more complex designs were posted. This aperture effect is a good example.


Over the weekend Scott sent us an email about his recent webinar on FCPX. We will let him take up the story about the list after the break.


It started off with a few late night tweets a couple of days ago about a possible price rise of Final Cut Pro X on the UK App Store. We have to admit we're slightly confused, so please chip in with your global findings.