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Sick of skimming in Final Cut Pro X? Could Apple be planning on including a three dimensional CoverFlow in iMovie first and therefore FCPX? Who knows, but they got awarded the patent.


***Winners Posted****

Brand new today, a set of 60 grading effects for Final Cut Pro X and Motion5. We have five copies to giveaway


Has anybody said to you "Is FCPX different from FCP7" and you've had to try to describe the vast changes in the new version? This video might help.


If you are attending IBC this year then make sure you stay for the 4th annual SuperMeet on Sunday the 11th of September. The full guest lineup has been published too.


Digital Heaven are no strangers to writing software for Final Cut Pro. This is their first offering for FCPX, two free effects, a grid generator and a safe title area generator.


No guesses to which piece of editing software the boys are talking about here. They start right from the beginning with what will hopefully be a series on Final Cut Pro X.


When Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central posted his excellent 15 part grading tutorial, we overlooked the range of presets he had made for FCPX. He's offering free presets as well as a $49 pack of looks.


***Updated with link to hard copy version***

What a brilliant idea from Edgar Rothermich, build a manual for Final Cut Pro X that is light on text and heavy on the graphics. We like this a lot because as Edgar correctly states with the phrase 'A picture is worth a thousand words.'


Walter Biscardi put the inaugural meeting of the Atlanta Cutters together in three weeks from scratch. He lined up demos of the top NLE's and more for the packed house.


This guy talks sense. He has boiled down into one video information that would have taken other Final Cut Pro gurus a whole day to present. We've watched a lot of FCPX videos here and if you can get past the rather odd window location, we definitely recommend a view. Humorous too.


What better way to promote your live FCPX panel discussion than to make a film? Owing much to George Orwell and Ridley Scott, this short's message is very familiar.


Four videos from the recent LAFCPUG meeting. Jon Chappell runs through the many features in Pro Media Tools and Todd Prives demos Edge, the new set of plugins from GenArts.


Final Cut Pro X might not be for you, so what are the options? Oliver Peters takes a tour through the NLE alternatives.