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macbreak studio fcpx multicam audio

We have talked about multicam editing in FCPX many times here on FCP.co, but what about the audio? In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, that's exactly what the boys concentrate on this week.

fcpx 30 mins or less

You will be seeing a lot of this video on social media over the next few days. Called 'Learn how to use Final Cut Pro X in 30 mins or less' it aims to do exactly that. Please excuse the exclamation mark on the headline, but we thought it was worth it.

macbreak studio archiving tip

A new episode of MacBreak Studio and this week we have an updated way to copy a Library without taking optimised and proxy media over.

MBS camera archives FCPX

A new episode of MacBreak Studio and this week the boys are looking at Mark's favourite subject: Camera Archives. You might laugh, but making archives might just save your bacon one day.

macbreak backup fcpx

Backups, not the most glamorous of subjects, but an important one. You'll never know how important keeping a backup is until you need it. Good job we have Steve and Mark on the team to tells us more.

MBS audition tricks

More from the Ripple guys today (Where do they find the time?) It's Tuesday, so it's MacBreak Studio time and in this new episode, Steve and Mark take a look at using Auditions.

ripple training fcpx creative editing

Ripple Training has released a new training course called Creative Editing in Final Cut Pro X. Hosted by Abba Shapiro, it  majors on the art of editing. There's also 25% off until March the 3rd.

macbreak studio multicam 4k

Number four in the series of MacBreak Studio's episodes on the new Mac Pro, this week they look at multicam. When we say multicam, we of course mean 4K multicam on the Mac Pro.


We are a bit late picking up on this excellent video series, FilmmakerIQ runs through different cinema editing styles, technologies and the history behind them. Worth a watch just to see a crazed chimpanzee trying to edit film!

smart folders fcpx libraries

Inspired by how cool smart collections can be in Final Cut Pro X, Idustrial Revolution set out to find if the same could be done for Libraries and Smart Folders at Finder level. A cool video tutorial later, one click gives access to all Libraries on all drives!

macbreak studio 252

We continue with the series on the new Mac Pro. Episode three and the boys are testing out the FCPX performance on the shiny new Mac Pro.

macbreak ultimate FCPX part two

Tuesday afternoon means one thing, a brand new episode of MacBreak Studio! We pick it up where we left off with the boys exploring their ultimate Final Cut Pro X system in more detail. We also publish their FCPX (10.1) presentation from the recent LACPUG meeting. Grab a coffee!

boykin book fcpx 10.1

***Updated with direct iTunes link***

One we have been keeping our eye on for the release, the new Final Cut Pro X 10.1 Professional Post Production book is out in Kindle & Ebook format. Authored by Brendan Boykin and published by Peachpit, this book follows a whole project through from start to finish.