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macbreak studio andy neil

If there was such thing as a #FreeTutorialTuesday, it would be today. Not only do we the have latest episode of MacBreak Studio, we also have more free Final Cut Pro X and Motion tutorials from Andy Neil. Turn the Gaggia on!

macbreak compressor

A bit later in the week due to a few technical problems, this episode answers a question we hear often: Do I need to buy Compressor if I can export directly out of FCPX?

free fcpx tutorials

We can only guess at the success of FCPX as we don't have any statistics on the number of copies that Apple has sold. Judging by the number of free tutorials posted online however, there's a rapidly growing user base out there.

good green screen in final cut pro

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows how to pull a good key using green screen media in Final Cut Pro X. One click does a lot, but there's a lot more...

smarter collections fcpx

Sounds like a bit of a contradiction, but in this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin does show how you can get a lot smarter with smart collections.

The hub 3d fcpx workflow

On its own, FCPX cannot edit and output a 3D master. However, coupled with Resolve in the middle to do the 3D heavy lifting, it performs rather well. Here's how Matt Brading did exactly that on his latest short film.

macbreak studio selective color fcpx

As much as we would have liked to call this tutorial "Steve Martin sings about colour correction,' we gave it the proper title of selective colour grading in FCPX. Steve does sing though!

MBS FCPX photoshop

In this week's MacBreak Studio we have an appointment with Satan. Well almost, Steve Martin (not Satan!) shows us why Final Cut Pro X has an Adobe style 'Dynamic Linking' built right in.

finding export macbreak studio

Sometimes some of the best tips are the simplest and this is one of them. Did you know that your exported Final Cut Pro X movies are searchable by their tags in Spotlight?

multicam FCPX ben consoli

Not our quotation, but the words of Philip Hodgetts who happened to be in the audience at the recent Boston Creative Pro User Group meeting. Take a look at the video of the presentation and judge for yourself!  We have a coupon code for money off the Amsterdam Supermeet admission as well.

short tips fcpx

It is good to see new tutorials being made in another language apart from English. Atsushi Matsumoto has posted three text tutorials for Final Cut Pro X, all especially for Japanese editors.

MBS FCPX secret

You've got to love any article that has the word 'secret' in the title. It's that time of the week for the latest MacBreak Studio episode and both guys discover something new about FCPX.

FAU fcpx shared- storage

Amanda Burns from the Florida Atlantic University put a post on our Forum about using FCPX across multiple workstations on a SAN. We asked her for some screen grabs and thought her experiences would make an excellent front page story.