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MBS managing events

We are definitely in the news penumbra of the upcoming NAB show. Good job that the two regulars of Steve and Mark are still cranking out the MacBreak Studios. This week it's all about managing events.

sharing projects fcpx

Jordan Smith wrote to us with a link to his article on sharing Final Cut Pro X projects. We liked the article so much, we asked if we could reprint it here on FCP.co. So if more than one editor is going to be working on the same project, read on...

Apple final cut pro book V2

It has taken a while to update, but the official book that Apple's FCPX certification uses has now been published. Peachpit's Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X, Second Edition is now out.

Feb FCPX tutorial roundup

As a contrast to last week's shenanigans and maybe because it's a holiday break for many, the FCP news has been a bit thin on the ground. A good time to catch up with the latest free tutorials posted and don't miss Larry Jordan's excellent film making story.

MacBreak Studio 203

Exporting video is one thing, but how do you get the best resolution still image out of FCPX? In this latest edition of MacBreak Studio, we find out how to do exactly that.

macbreak 2001 roles

No cake this time, but this week we have more valuable tips and information from Steve Martin and Mark Spencer on MacBreak Studio. In this episode it's all about exporting audio.

macbreak studio 200 episode

Mark Spencer and Steve Martin celebrate the 200th episode of the very popular MacBreak Studio series. After lighting the cakes they take a look at how Final Cut Pro X interprets graphic files and video clips.

andrew gormley FCPX

Andrew Gormley has launched his online training program called Visual Storytelling with Final Cut Pro X. This budget course is made even better by Andrew offering 100 discounts codes for 50% off to FCP.co readers.

macBreak keyboard grades

Like it or loathe it, the color board in Final Cut Pro X is the place to go to colour correct your footage. How about being able to control it and apply grades using the keyboard? Steve and Mark explore...

january FCPX roundup

We feature many new products here on FCP.co, but we thought it was time to post a range of new free tutorials for FCPX and Motion5 that have been published so far this year. Lots in there for Final Cut Pro X and Motion. 

magic feather fcpx shared storage

Whatever you had planned for the next hour, cancel it. These superb walk-though tutorials from Magic Feather Inc show the workflow from start to finish of cutting a TV trail. See Final Cut Pro X up close and in action working on shared storage. Great information, great tips and a great watch.

macbreak studio on the road

So you want to make a copy of a Final Cut Pro X event onto another drive so you can continue to edit whilst away from your main machine. This handy tip will show you how to make sure you've got all your files.

macbreak Managing motion files

Good to see Steve Martin and Mark Spencer back in their normal chromakey studio after being in their acoustically lined box for the last season of MacBreak Studio. This time they are looking at media managing Motion files.