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larry jordan fcpx color CPUG

Larry says your eyes lie to you and if you want to colour correct or grade properly, then you need to fire up the 'scopes in FCPX. That's exactly what he does and he also shares some great skin tone percentage range tips at the end too.

hands on FCPX DSLR

There is no doubt that the introduction of video shooting DSLRs has revolutionised the industry. Final Cut Pro X is perfect for the photographer who wants to get into video production. Calumet are running one day courses for 'hands on' DSLR & FCPX workflow. We also have a coupon code for discount.


With more and more of us shooting RAW images on DSLRs, what is the best way to handle them in FCPX? With a bit of help from Photoshop, this new episode of MacBreak Studio shows us how.

fcpx share imessage

FCPX is very quick when it comes to editing, but sharing can take its time depending on what you are sending and to where. Ben Balser has a handy tip to let you know when a share has finished.

sam mestman FCPX RED

It's been a while since we featured a presentation from the LACPUG here on FCP.co. This is a good one, Sam Mestman from Lumaforge takes the audience through a 4K RED workflow on Final Cut Pro X.

macbreak archive project FCPX

So you've finished your edit in FCPX, how do you archive off a project for safe storage? In this new episode of MacBreak Studio we look at the correct way to make sure a project will come back to life in the future.

diana weynand FCPX

***Winner Announced***

Want to learn Final Cut Pro X but can't get to or haven't got the time to attend an authorised training centre? The author of the official FCPX training book, Diana Weynand is now offering a live certified course online. We've also got a coupon code for 30% discount and a free place to give away!


A slightly cryptic headline for this new episode of MacBreak Studio, but indeed, our duo of Steve and Mark make a DVDless DVD. See how they perform this FCPX magic trick after the break!

april fcpx tutorials

With not much news on a quiet Monday, we thought that it was a good opportunity to take a look at the best free Final Cut Pro X tutorials that have been published this month.

Macbreak mark slip

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio we go back to basics, but with a twist. Learn how to replace media when you want to match action in the middle of a clip.

MBS timelapse FCPX

Steve Martin has been out shooting timelapse sequences in San Francisco. So what is the easiest workflow with FCPX? You might be surprised to find out that an old app resurfaces.

Ben consoli FCPX tutorials

Making good tutorials is a lot harder than it seems. So we are really pleased to see new tutorial maker Ben Consoli kick off a new series of short videos on FCPX.

macbreak studio rename metadata

This week's episode of MacBreak Studio sounds boring, but it contains some amazing demonstartions on how powerful the database can be in FCPX. Well worth a watch and then a rewatch.