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Although Mark Spencer looks like he's just about to play a large piano solo, he's actually describing rigging in Motion and how the effects are published in Final Cut Pro X. Advanced FCPX & Motion work here.


If you haven't done this before with FCPX you need to watch as this method brings a whole new area of creative potential to Final Cut Pro X. Our normal duo show you how to publish Motion parameters.


New features in Final Cut Pro X 10.0.3 means new tutorials from Ripple Training. Here Mark Spencer gets to grips with multicam editing in FCPX.


There has been quite a bit of chat on our forums about Compound Clips in FCPX, so this new episode of MacBreak Studio is very well timed. Great advice.


A slightly different MacBreak Studio Live this month. This time Steve Kantor joins the regulars where they take a look at Avid's Media Composer 6 and how it compares and differs from Final Cut Pro X. It's a good battle!


In this edition of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin show us how to record and edit a voice in Final Cut Pro X.


The boys are back on MacBreak Studio, this time they are talking about one of the oldest techniques in television post production: The three point edit.


Ripple Training's library keeps on growing, this time they tackle compositing in FCPX. Don't forget their special 15% discount coupon for anything from their site is still running.


There's bound to be a lot of expectation when you go on stage with a presentation entitled "10 things you might not know about Final Cut Pro X." Victor Maldonado gets a grilling, but that's not why we are posting the video.


Slightly usurped by Bruce Sharp's PluralEyes demo yesterday, our MacBreak Studio duo of Steve Martin and Mark Spencer show us how to multicam edit in Final Cut Pro X when there is no multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X!


So when should you use keyword collections and when should you use smart collections? We find out in the latest edition of MacBreak Studio.


We held this back for a slow news day, which just happens to be today! Rick Young takes a look at organising and editing your footage within FCPX.


Looking to make your Final Cut Pro X projects a bit more festive? Learn how to build custom snowflakes in Motion.