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When Steve Martin describes a new feature as 'huge' then it's definitely worth a look. More great tips from the MacBreak guys, this time on searching meta data.


Yes you read the title right, how to colour correct in FCPX with a roundtrip via Aperture. It's a very long trip, a very, very long trip, but if you must go...


At the recent meeting of the LAFCPUG (CPUG?) Micheal Wohl gave a twenty minute presentation on the advanced audio features in FCPX. Lots of good tips in there and maybe some features you've yet to discover.


Using the restore function in Final Cut Pro 7 saved many a bad file, but what happens when you get a corrupted FCPX file? In this unmissable episode of MacBreak Studio, you'll learn how to repair a file that stops FCPX from opening.


The first thing we did this morning in the FCP.co office after switching the kettle on was to sit down and watch this video. Real life examples of FCPX in action are always welcome.


An hour and a half long presentation on Final Cut Pro X from Ari Feldman of the Manhattan Edit Workshop. Good beginner viewing.


Billed as a look at the new features in the Motion 5.0.2 update, this episode really is all about keyframing and dropzones. Not to be missed.


In this edition of MacBreak Studio, the guys take a look at the new relinking feature that was released in the FCPX 10.0.3 update.


The final part in the multicam trilogy from Mark Spencer and Steve Martin on MacBreak Studio. This time they have a good look at multicam trimming in Final Cut Pro X.


40 minutes of update news from FCPX guru Larry Jordan when he presented at the recent meeting of the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group.


There are many ways to colour grade in FCPX. You can use the match colour feature right up to third party plugins. Kevin McAuliffe takes a look through the options.


Mark Spencer and Steve Martin have published the next episode in their three part tutorial series on multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X.


A thread appeared on our forum over the weekend on the possibility of taking iMovie projects off an iPad or iPhone and into FCPX. It's possible and we post the steps you'll need to take.