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You might have seen this pop up a couple of days ago, we eagerly clicked a link in an email from Steve Martin to find the article unavailable. It's now back up, so if you really need that 3 way color corrector back in your FCPX life, read on.


Michael Wohl needs no introduction to us FCPers, but Dan Bérubé gave him an excellent one anyway. 30 minutes of Final Cut Pro X recorded at the recent Amsterdam SuperMeet.


So where is the deinterlace filter in Final Cut Pro X? A question asked by many including ourselves. FXMahoney has come up with a rather neat FCPX deinterlace tip.


A couple of videos from new tutorial maker Paulus the Woodgnome. Also probably the best colour picker tip for Final Cut Pro X you'll see for a while. We certainly learnt a few things.


A great video from the new Final Cut Pro X tutorial maker, FCPX Master. We see the differences between trimming, cropping and of course the old favourite, the Ken Burns effect on photos.


So your client wants to use one of the supplied Motion 4 templates in Final Cut Pro X. That's no problem, but how do you modify the template to match their corporate colours? Mark Spencer explains all.


In these two vidoes, Larry Jordan the FCP guru of jaw dropping fame, runs us through Final Cut Pro X from scratch. If you've never worked the app before then this is a good place to start.


Given a month, most of us can edit together material into a pretty good storyline. But what if you have to present the result on the same day? Welcome to the same day edit (SDE)


So how close are the trimming modes between FCP7 and FCPX? In this tutorial all the major trimming methods are examined in both versions of Final Cut Pro.


When we first saw this video we thought "Why would anyone want to make music in Final Cut Pro X?" Then after watching the tutorial we realised that FCPX has some pretty powerful audio tools built in.


Wes James (AKA the NLE Ninja) has produced a set of nine tutorials wrapped up into a 40 minute video. No FCPX, no Motion, just layers, effects and rendering!


We return to Macbreak for episode two of Steve Martin and Mark Spencer's chat about Final Cut Pro X.


We know that that the lack of multicam editing in Final Cut Pro X is one of Apple's top priorities to fix in an update. But what if you have a multicam job to edit and you don't want to use FCP7?