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deliver commercials

A story we have had here on the back burner since March of this year, so we are very pleased to see this iBook on technical specifications for broadcast commercials published. The best news is that it is also a free download.

fcpx MBS 195 range keywords

We have broken off from our Christmas to New Year break to bring you the latest episode of MacBreak Studio, it's a good one. Lots of exporting knowledge from the two guys as they look at more features from the 10.0.6 update.

Macbreak FCPX destinations

So you've finished your edit masterpiece, how do you output from FCPX now that the 10.0.6 update has removed the share menu? Steve Martin and Mark Spencer find out.

Dual viewer FCPX

If there was one feature that caused the most moaning due to its absence at the launch of FCPX, it had to be dual viewers. The 10.0.6 update has brought the familiar two up layout back and the usual team of Mark & Steve take a look.

improved compound clips fcpx

We continue the look through the new features in the recent 10.0.6 update to Final Cut Pro X. This week our normal duo of Steve and Mark take a look at new functionality with compound clips.

macbreak 189 audio components

The tutorials from Steve Martin and Mark Spencer are always good, but this one is excellent. The duo explore some of the new audio features in the 10.0.6 FCPX update. Essential viewing.

Macbreak red raw FCPX

The 10.0.6 update to FCPX was huge. One of the new features was the ability to ingest and handle RAW files from the RED range of cameras. Our normal duo get very excited showing how easy this has become in Final Cut Pro X.

new FCPX features LACPUG

A double dose of the duo this morning! At the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer took to the stage to present the latest features in the 10.0.6 FCPX update.

macbreak studio fcpx 187

The easiest way to bill this episode of MacBreak Studio would be to say that it's pretty essential viewing if you import media from cards or cameras into FCPX. (Who doesn't?) Many tips from Mark & Steve in this one.

we make movies fcpx tutorials

We all love free tutorials and new producer We Make Movies has wasted no time after the 10.0.6 update in publishing these eight. Get yourself a large coffee and enjoy some free training!

new nvidia card macpro

Want more horsepower for your Mac Pro to run Final Cut Pro X and other GPU heavy applications faster? This tutorial shows you how to install a beefy PC GeForce GTX570 HD 2560MB graphics card into your Mac. Adobe fans take note, the CUDA drivers will help speed up Premiere and After Effects.

adjustment layers fcpx

Using adjustment layers in Final Cut Pro X allows editors to apply a grade across clips. In this tutorial we will look at how to build one in Motion and apply it in FCPX.

macbreak ep 185

The guys have fun this week talking about media management in FCPX and how one menu command can solve a lot of problems. You'll have to watch the video to discover how Elvis and 'Poser Media' get a mention.