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new nvidia card macpro

Want more horsepower for your Mac Pro to run Final Cut Pro X and other GPU heavy applications faster? This tutorial shows you how to install a beefy PC GeForce GTX570 HD 2560MB graphics card into your Mac. Adobe fans take note, the CUDA drivers will help speed up Premiere and After Effects.

adjustment layers fcpx

Using adjustment layers in Final Cut Pro X allows editors to apply a grade across clips. In this tutorial we will look at how to build one in Motion and apply it in FCPX.

macbreak ep 185

The guys have fun this week talking about media management in FCPX and how one menu command can solve a lot of problems. You'll have to watch the video to discover how Elvis and 'Poser Media' get a mention.

fcpx secondary storylines

One of the lesser known editing features of FCPX is the secondary storyline. So what are they and how and when would you want to use one? Our usual duo are on the case.

ripple media-management FCPX

Not the most whizz-bang of lessons, but essential information for all FCPX editors. Ripple Training has released a new set of tutorials on managing your media. We also have a 30% off coupon code!

organising media macbreak studio 179

A lot has been said about the media organisation tools in FCPX, but it is always good to see real life examples in action. In this new episode of Macbreak Studio, we take a look at how quick it can be to get your footage organised.

macbreak studio callouts

Want an easy way to do custom picture in picture effects in FCPX? Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how their Callouts plugin gives editors a lot of options for overlaying video in boxes.

reconform framerate fcpx

Steve Martin and Mark Spencer are back, this time they are getting very excited about conforming frame rates directly in FCPX. Some great advice if your camera shoots high frame rates and you want super smooth slomos.

transitions effects FCPX

***Updated with all Titles in 13 minutes***

One of the first things we did after downloading Final Cut Pro X for the first time was to run through the effects. It's a slow process to drop effects or transitions onto clips to see what they do, luckily somebody has made video compilations of all the effects, transitions and generators for us.

compressor final cut pro x

In our campaign to end bad audio in video productions, this new video tutorial is essential viewing. The audio compressor is a tool that must be mastered if your productions are to go anywhere near broadcast or you just want them to sound a hell of a lot better.

macbreak 173 retiming audio fcpx

Crikey these guys don't half crank out the mini tutorials! In the second visit to MacBreak Studio this week, the subject is retiming or time stretching audio in Final Cut Pro X without changing the pitch. Also posted is the recent recording of MacBreak Studio Live.

sharing projects fcpx lafcpug

At the recent Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group meeting, Steve Martin gave a demonstration on sharing projects using Dropbox with Mark Spencer who was in a remote location.

ripple motion titles

FCPX handles text in a completely different way to Final Cut Pro 7, the old tried and trusted text generator died with the new release. Ripple Training has produced a new tutorial showing you how to get the titles you want in FCPX.